Our mission is to be the preferred partner to our physicians and the trusted provider to our patients by focusing on our core values, providing optimal patient care, and establishing ourselves as the most desired dialysis provider.
A Letter to our Patients

At Pure Life Renal, our top priorities in helping you achieve your highest health and wellbeing are simple–they are nestled firmly in your safety and comfort. We know that dialysis is a life changing process, one in which you are charged with creating a new “normal” for both you and your family. We also know that this can feel overwhelming or lonely, particularly when newly diagnosed or if you’re in a dialysis environment that lacks compassion. No patient of ours is lost in the shuffle; our dedicated and experienced, physician-led team is beside you at every turn, for each question and concern.

To patients somewhat seasoned in this process, do you sometimes feel as though the actual dialysis treatment is easier to handle than the social and emotional challenges? You’re not alone. Dialysis treatments are designed to keep your body in balance by removing waste and excess fluid, and at Pure Life Renal, we clearly deliver on the physical aspect. But it is our commitment to offering you support through the other challenges associated with dialysis that differentiates us from others in the industry; from our leadership team down, we actually care about the many and varied impacts that dialysis has on the lives of you and your family. As such, to ensure your individual emotional and social needs are being met, we equip our teams of highly skilled healthcare personnel with the tools to offer you the support that will help you improve your outlook, optimism, and overall quality of life.

Quality dialysis treatments, along with adherence to your renal diet and medications, can give you the freedom to live a more vibrant life. In offering you the opportunity to understand all aspects and options associated with your treatment, we are able to empower you to have a voice in your care. Studies show that the more a patient knows about their treatment, the better he or she is likely to do on dialysis.

Seeing that possibility in you, we look forward to being a valued partner in your health. We welcome you to come and feel confident in the exceptional full spectrum dialysis care that you will receive at our facilities.

Orestes Lugo, CEO

Our Core Values

    • Provide help to those in need
    • Understand those who suffer
    • Resolve to improve
    • Exude compassion
    • Listen to others
    • Initiate change
    • Find courage
    • Excel at what we do

To Our Physicians
Our physicians are vital to creating and sustaining an optimal environment that transforms our patients’ lives. They have a key role in both our patients’ success and in Pure Life Renal’s success.
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To Our Patients
Expect the best medical care available in an environment that exudes all the comfort, compassion, security, and warmth that you will want and need during your time with us.
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