Reducing the Pill Burden and Better Phosphate Control

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Reducing the pill burden for dialysis patients has the opportunity to improve a patient’s quality of life. Drugs that help patients better manage phosphate levels with fewer pills is something that may also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular events and bone fracture. Phosphate control is difficult for many. Dialysis patients take an average of 19 pills per day, with … Read More

How to prepare for due diligence when selling your clinic

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Due Diligence Does What? What is due diligence?  Simply stated, due diligence is the examination and review of a business by the buyer before the business is purchased.  During the due diligence phase of a dialysis clinic acquisition, the buyer will perform a detailed review in the following areas: financial, clinical, operational, corporate structure, litigation and human resources.  Depending on … Read More

Should you own a dialysis facility?

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The first item that must be addressed is if the clinic will be profitable.  There are two primary questions that will need to be answered.  Can you project the number of patients that the clinic will have three years from opening?  Can you reasonably estimate the average net revenue per treatment?  If the answers to these two questions show sufficient … Read More