The Dedication of Our Clinic Employees

The past three months have been a difficult time for all people around the world. When we began dealing with Covid-19 there was a lot of uncertainty, anxiousness and concern. It was a new virus and the medical community was trying to understand how it spread and what affect it could have on people of varying health and age. At Pure Life Renal we immediately began tracking CDC updates daily. We developed protocols and policies in an effort to protect our employees and patients. We added greater use of PPE, checked temperatures, washed our hands, used sanitizer, etc. However, all those preventive measures did not assure any one of our employees that they would not contract the virus. Our employees met this head on, working dutifully to dialyze our patients and doing everything possible to stay safe. They cared for the patients because they cared about the patients.

The virus has impacted both our patients and employees. We have been lucky that half of our clinics did not have any Covid-19 positive patients or employees. However, our folks came into work knowing that any given day could be the day they could contract the virus. Thankfully, most of our other clinics have had only a patient or two contract the virus and only a handful of our employees have tested positive and none have had severe symptoms. We are all grateful for that.

We did have one clinic with a number of positive patients, most of which came from nursing homes. We had to open a Covid only shift as a result. A very special thanks to the employees at Stoughton for their resilience and dedication to their job and for giving our patients the best care possible.

This virus has impacted everyone’s life in one way or another, but contracting the virus and becoming very ill as a result is the scariest experience of all. One of our physician partners contracted the virus, spent significant time in ICU in very bad shape, but thankfully after a few weeks was able to recover and go home. That was wonderful news for all of us to hear.

This page on our website is dedicated to all of our clinic employees and includes pictures of employees from all our facilities. Once again, we thank them all for their dedication to their jobs and our patients.