• We understand the difficulty of losing your kidney function, as well as your need to start on dialysis.
  • We want to ensure your transition to dialysis is as simple and problem-free as possible, and we work closely with your physician to accomplish this smooth and easy transition.
  • We also want you to understand your treatment options —from in-center hemodialysis to home hemodialysis and home peritoneal dialysis—we offer you information on each.
  • We utilize the most current available clinical equipment to optimize the quality of your treatment.
  • We also employ an integrated clinical system that tracks your progress and results, which are given to your physician for timely review and adjustment to your medications, if needed.
  • You can fully expect our staff to be sensitive to your situation and focused on attending to your needs.
  • Our centers provide you with several comforts of home, including personal TV’s, iPads, and reading materials.
  • Our facilities are specifically designed to be aesthetically pleasing to promote feelings of relaxation and optimized comfort.
  • You will have a dedicated social worker and dietician to help you with financial and dietary needs.
  • We ask you to complete annual satisfaction surveys so that we can assess ourselves from your perspective and continually improve.

In summary, your care is our top priority. While we know that going to your dialysis treatment has little chance of being your favorite thing to do, we never the less want you to come to our facility each time knowing that you will be with patient care professionals who really get to know you and care about you as a person—folks who are truly focused on your wellbeing. 

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