Pure Life’s partnership model allows you, as the nephrologist, to retain a significant minority equity percentage in your facility, with your initial investment being based on the percentage of ownership you receive. Our joint venture model maximizes the clinic’s ability to succeed by aligning our incentives with those of our nephrologist partners.

Our physician-driven partnership structure is especially well suited for the delivery of dialysis services, and it typically translates into better patient outcomes and consistent clinic operating performance. As a physician partner, you are the Medical Director of the facility and primarily responsible for the following: the clinic’s quality assurance program, approval of the clinical and technical procedures, and overseeing the orientation and training program for the staff. Other physicians are also able to admit and see patients at the facility. We, in turn, manage all of the operational and financial aspects of the facility.

Our model allows patient needs and preferences to be managed by those who know them best—you, the physician. Our model also takes advantage of a centralized management function and implementation of best practices across our facilities.

Acquiring Your Center