Why is Taking my Phosphate Binder so Important?

Pure Life RenalPatient

Phosphate binders help to keep phosphorus in your blood at the right level.  Phosphorus is in many foods and especially foods with preservatives.  What phosphate binders do is help stop phosphorus in foods you eat from getting into your blood. They “bind” to the phosphorus while it is in your digestive system and then that bonded product is eliminated when you go to the bathroom.  This helps your body get rid of phosphorus.

Most people with mineral and bone disorder need a phosphate binder. If you have high levels of phosphorus, your healthcare provider will talk to you about the pros and cons of using phosphate binders and which phosphate binder might be best for you.

Phosphate binders are not all alike. There are many different types and therefore finding the right and most affordable binder should be discussed with your healthcare team.

To work best, your phosphate binders should be taken with food or within 10 to 15 minutes of eating. However, if you forget, be sure to take them even if you are a little late.

You should take phosphate binders as instructed by your healthcare provider or dietitian. Using phosphate binders does not take the place of your lower phosphorus diet. Making low-phosphorus food choices is important.